Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LA's Own Rodeo

San Dimas -- Sunday afternoon and the vehicles began piling in; pickup trucks, station wagons and an occasional Prius. For $17, about the price of a lousy R-Rated movie and drink, rodeo fans have access to some of the most wholesome, family-friendly entertainment this side of Barstow.

Before the broncs start bucking, a middle-aged cowboy rides out to the middle of the stadium, and with a microphone in hand and America The Beautiful playing, he begins weaving a patriotic narrative of the greatness of America. With the voice out of a 1960s Disney western adventure, he manages to draw tears, hoots and an occasional "Amen!" from the crowd. This is John Wayne country!

After the last of three skydivers lands, the fun begins. The cowboys strap in their hand and hold on for life -- literally -- as the bucking broncs do all they can to toss their riders to the dirt. One after another competes to how can hold on the longest. Eight seconds is the goal. There is also bull riding, barrel racing, steer roping and more.

In between events, the rodeo clown does his schtick, bantering back and forth with Kelly the announcer.

All in all the day could not have been better. Looking forward to next year.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Parking in Pasadena

Pasadena -- Lately, I've seen more and more bumper stickers around town shouting, "Pasadena Parking Sucks."

Although it is true, with more and more apartment building rising, adding density to our town, parking begins to be a problem. My suggestion: walk.

Pictured here is a rare opening found only on a late, Friday afternoon before the crowds.