Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunny Day

Lately, Southern California has had exceptionally warm weather. Classic shots of sunsets, green trees and water fountains seem a little overused in my collection, so I thought I would represent our sunny day trend with this shot.


Julie said...

aha ... a front garden over-run with Gazanias. And the driver of that gas-guzzler does not have trouble parking as there are no tell-tale graunches on the metal of his wheels!

pasadenapio said...

My California poppies are coming in beautifully. I scattered the seeds nearly 20 years ago and they have continued coming back year after year. I love Southern California! said...

I've got reoccurring case of dichondra coming up in my yard. Remember dichondra covered yards in the 60's and our poor fathers trying to keep them weed free? OK I'm off course again. Happens.

JT (question) that look out on Echo that near white Mountain or the Ye Old Tavern? BTW I like that photo.

JT said...

Julie, I learned a new word from you: graunch. I'll use it!

PPio, California poppies are one of my favorite flowers. They would be a good subject come Spring.

PA, I got dichondra the last time I had the flu... Kidding aside, my grandparents had the clover-like grass on their front lawn. As kids in the 60s (you nailed that one!), we weren't allowed to rough-house on the dichondra, it would leave a mark.

Not sure about White Mtn, but "Ye Alpine Tavern" is 3.5 miles from Echo Mtn.

Ariel said...
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