Sunday, June 6, 2010

Canadian Spirit

Ontario, Canada -- I had two hours to kill before attending a wedding in Thorold, Ontario. So I parked my rental car and took a walk, introducing myself as, "JT from Los Angeles."

Word spread throughout the venerable town that an "LA guy" was taking photos of their town. During my short stay, I made many friends and learned a whole lot about the town and local folks. The people were friendly and eager to let me know that I was not like the stereotype, Californians they watch on TV. In many ways, I felt like an ambassador to Los Angeles; we are not all movie stars, not all rich, and certainly not all typical city folk.

Someday I hope to return to Thorold, or perhaps another welcoming, Canadian town and document the experience of meeting good people.


Luis Gomez said...

Great post JT and a beautiful image!

ben wideman said...

wow, I'm from S. Ontario, but I had to look up where Thorold, Ont. is located.

Great shot. Did the flag suit come out once they heard a photographer was in town?

JT said...

Hey Ben, The suit did in fact come out once he learned I was shooting for an LA website. "Joe" the flag suit man, was not the only spirited Canadian; about every fifth home had a Canadian flag in front. One of the store keepers in town said that Thorold was voted the city with the most Canadian Spirit.

Irina said...

Great post, nice people. And I like very much this leaf-butterfly.

Petrea said...

Thanks for being our ambassador, JT. And I love the flag suit. He's like SuperCanadian.