Saturday, October 30, 2010

Backyard Windmill Experience

Cambria, CA -- Although Cambria is a four-hour drive north of Los Angeles, it still counts as an "LA experience" since one could drive there for the day. Okay..., 287 miles (462 km) is a stretch, but we were on our way back to LA from our honeymoon! (one reason I haven't been posting for the last month)

One of the challenges we set for ourselves on our seven-day road trip was shooting every windmill we saw. Some turned out well while others where a faint blur while driving 75 mph. All in all, we captured a fair amount of classic, Americana style mills. Some were a bit more difficult to get to, but we managed.

On the left is our finished product. This is someone's backyard.

2 comments: said...


So if someone asks you or your wife what you did on your honeymoon, I guess you can respond that you were chasing windmills.

Brenda's Arizona said...

I hope you post more of the windmills you captured in photo. Gotta love those old ones. We have one in our backyard, but it does not have character like this one. Nice, nice photo!