Monday, May 18, 2015

The Avery Building

Pasadena Magazine has a good writeup on this architectural icon--I don't. All I know it that the building inspires me, especially on a beautiful, Spring afternoon.

I pass by the abandoned building every day while taking my son to school. Last Friday, I thought I would
go explore the 116,000-square-foot building grounds. I discovered an entrance to one of the surrounding lawns, just off a residential street.

With camera in hand, I cautiously walk across the lawn and parking lot to the front of the building where I spent the next 30 minutes shooting photos and taking in all the beauty.

One car was in the parking lot, along with a single, silhouette of a guard inside.

I waved "hello," and he waved back; a photographer's signal of  "I see you--but don't push your luck...."

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