Friday, June 5, 2015

Shooter Shooting Shooter

Los Angeles -- The LA Arts District is a cauldron of creativity and film activity. Just today a film crew was filming (or shooting) a Nike ad, while another crew was setting up a scene to who-knows-what. While driving past all the activity, I noticed a tunnel below the 6th Street Bridge.

Curious, I turned in and followed the dark corridor toward the light at the end of the....(yeah). A homeless man was messing with his "Obama Phone"when I got out of my car and asked how he was doing. No response.

At the edge looking down was the Los Angeles River, crowned by deco bridge expanses and lined by old brick structures and rail cars.

On the floor of the river was a lone photographer shooting away at his clothing model. After popping off a few shots, I turn my vehicle around and headed back.

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