Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can't Park Here

El Monte Airport (just south of Pasadena) -- I remember when parking over night was not so strict. In collage, my buddies and I used to drive my 1972 VW van all over California and neighboring states. We parked over night at grocery stores, department stores, city streets and even on Highway 1 along the Central Coast. Although we anticipated the 6am knock on window from police, we usually got away with a stern warning.

The Cessna doesn't have much to do with this story but the sign reminds me of the freedoms we used to enjoy on the open road way back when.


Hope said...

Those were good times...you have some great memories! I gather you might be a pilot....is that your plane? I guess overnight parking is OK for the plane! *smile*

JT said...

Hi Hope! That's not my plane but I am a pilot and love to fly. Actually, I have parked at that spot over night but cleared it first with the police who shares the hanger with the planes I rent. Have a great day!