Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rialto Theater

South Pasadena -- Click on the image (left) and appreciate the detail of this venerable theater.

From what I've read, the Moorish style Rialto will be spared and given another chance of life. I've seen dozens of films there and always marveled at not only the exterior of the 1925 structure but the interior. As you walk in, your eyes are drawn up to the intricately stenciled ceiling and plaster ornaments.

Seconds before the film began, the house lights dimmed and the red glow of the gargoyle above the screen would pierce your soul, just as the seat springs did your back side. That didn't matter because you knew walking in that the Rialto was a treasure, a working antique; one that must be preserved. And it looks like it will be.


Mary Kathleen O'Looney said...

I am in love with the photo at the top. That is dreamy b & w diamonds and pearls 1920s love, right there. Oh!

JT said...

Miss O'Looney, There is a lot of love put into the architecture and design of this building. You know the Rialto was originally built for vaudeville. Close your eyes and imagine being a part of experience in the 1920s. Miss Havisham, I am sure, has been there.