Tuesday, June 23, 2009

End of Kodachrome

After 74 years, Kodak is discontinuing it's slide film, Kodachrome.

Sad day. I used to make a measly living on Kodachrome 64 and 25. Although, back in the early 80s, my photos barely paid the bills, the results were almost always stunning. The photo above is of my buddy and I in 1984; camera set on a tripod and timer. Kodachrome is known for it's rich colors, especially it's reds.

Kodachrome photos from other photographers -- click here


James said...

The picture has a 60's or even a rockabilly feel to it.

pasadenapio said...

Paul Simon may have to change his song.

pasadenaadjacent said...

first the projectors and now this

magicpolaroid said...

yes, im so sorry!! bad new!