Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hula Hooping on Top of LA

The highest peak in Los Angeles is called Mt. San Antonio, we all know it as "Mt. Baldy." At 10,064-ft (3,069 M), the rocky, dome-shaped mountain is the backdrop for Los Angeles. During the winter, Mt. Baldy is mostly covered with snow, but in the summer, "Baldy"speaks for itself.

Crystal, from Los Angeles, decided to bring a Hula Hoop on our group hike yesterday to the top of Baldy. During our hike up the steep ridge of the mountain, hikers asked what we were doing with the individual sections of the hoop (six sections). When we told them, they all wanted to watch history being made on Top of LA.

So, was Crystal the first person to Hula Hoop on Mt. Baldy?

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Anonymous said...


Jacob said...

I don't know if she was the first, but hula hooping seems to be a big sport these days...even Lois Anne has gotten into it and has become quite a good hula hooper.

I can't hula nor hoop!

AmyR said...

I want to get up Baldy this summer...despite being woefully out of shape. I think I'll do it sans hula hoop though. :D

James said...

That is so funny. I was born and raised in view of Mt Baldy and I never knew that it was really Mt. San Antonio. This the first time I've heard this.

Lauren Brand said...

Hula Hooping is a growing fitness trend! Did you know that it burns up to 600 calories an hour! You can buy a six piece "Travel Hoop" like the one pictured on Mt. Baldy at, or win one by posting a comment on the Hoopnotica facebook page!