Saturday, August 15, 2009

First in Freeways

Los Angeles, CA -- Originally the Arroyo Seco Parkway, now called The Pasadena Freeway, is considered the first freeway in the United States. Opened in 1940, the Pasadena Freeway was built to give L.A. commuters a more direct route to the quaint suburb of Pasadena, six miles north-east. It is now considered a State Scenic Highway, National Civil Engineering Landmark, and National Scenic Byway.

Notice the "on" and "off ramps" to the right. Can you imagine going 65 to 5 mph to get off a freeway? ...and try getting on!

The freeway is a blast to drive on, especially late at night when you have most of the windy "race track" to yourself.


Felicia said...

Yeah those on/off ramps look really difficult! Is the speed limit 65?

Anonymous said...

Sections of the freeway are 65. I drive at a "safe" speed, which can be anywhere between 35 to 75 mph. The on/off ramps should have a disclaimer saying, "Enter/exit at your own risk!" It can get crazy entering from a near-dead stop with traffic barreling down at 60+ mph, and only 20- feet to get up to speed!

Brenda's Arizona said...

These on/off ramps haven't changed at all! I remember these from my childhood - no one can believe how impossible they are/were!