Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Illusive Miss Havisham

Los Angeles, CA -- There was a Miss Havisham sighting today in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Not to be confused with the other Miss Havisham of the San Gabriel Valley and blogosphere..., the Charles Dickens character doesn't seem to get out too much, but the proof is in the picture.


Gunn White said...

I just like it!
She is so different to her surroundings, and I am eager to find out more. Well seen and well done.

Lenora Regan - said...

I echo Gunn White. Thanks for sharing!!

AmyR said...

Nice capture!

I own a very similiar dress, but I can't say that I wear it out and about too often.

Richard G. said...

We have a "Lady in Black" who hangs around the Starbucks near Main & Chapman in Orange. (Or she used to... homeless lady. Always same outfit, but two large bags... what's in the bags?)

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

Oh good heavens! Of course, t'was not I.

Little stay-at-home-Saty me never ventures out in daylight to a 99 cent store, dear sir, wearing BLACK. No nevah nevah nevah.