Saturday, February 13, 2010

Union Station Platform

Los Angeles, CA -- Film Noir preserved the romance of the train station. Rainy days with busy people in rain coats, black umbrellas and soggy cigarettes, swarm the station as the steaming iron wheels of the locomotive begin to spin. Passengers and loved ones on the platform blew kisses to each other as the sleek locomotive rumbles down the track.

Union Station in LA used to be one of those places. Today, however, modern locomotives and light rail replaced the mighty steam engines. Although the platforms have changed as seen above, the interior of Union Station was preserved and still remains a very special place to visit.


Eleonora said...

Funny how I've never been to the LA train station. And I'm a train-lover...

Pity about the remodeling. Why does America have to always strike down the old in favor of the obvious?
(that's the Roman in me complaining)

Ele xx

Lori Lynn said...

Yeah, it's still cool.

Karoliina Urso said...

You got the train schedule boards just right in this photo.