Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shooting the Chevy SSR

Baldwin Park -- Back in 80s, I used to work as an editorial assistant for Hi-Torque Publications. Part of my job was to shoot motocross products and events, interview riders and write/shoot magazine articles on unique, Volkswagen. The magazine was called VW Action.

In 1984, I was fresh out of collage, and with a loan of $750, I purchased a Nikon FE2 and a lens. After reading through the entire user manual, I began cutting my teeth in the field. Fortunately, I had an office-full of world-class photographers to show me the ropes, as well as an unlimited supply of Kodak Kodachrome 64 and Tri-X 400 film to screw up on. Not all my shots were magazine-worthy--in fact, most were duds.

Eventually, I was able to wrap my mind around all the settings and what they did to make a good photo. I learned how to use light and when to "click" at the right time.

This last weekend, I had an opportunity to shoot a few images of a Chevy SSR. My client may be interested in selling his modern day hot rod, but moreover, simply wanted a few images of his customized ride.

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