Saturday, October 18, 2008

Desoto at Pink Motel

Sun Valley--The Pink Motel is a shooting location along the San Fernando Road. I stopped off to get a few shots and learned that motel and cafe', "Cadillac Jacks," are only props.


Hope said...

When I first saw these photos I was surprised...thinking such a wonderful place might still be in business! But, you say these are props for film productions? Wonderful photos, anyway! I just love retro/vintage buildings ~ especially from the 40's & 50's.

Benjamin Madison said...

All these pinks and blues are very fifties. Nice photo of the car but my guess is that it's a Desoto. (Now we all know how old I am)

JT said...

Ben, I think you are right. What threw me off was the name of the diner: "Cadillac Jacks." Thanks for pointing that out. I will change the title to reflect a more accurate depiction of the car. Thanks again!