Sunday, October 26, 2008

Honoring Our Vets

Burbank is the real Hollywood. Anyone who lives in the area knows that most of the studios are in the "Beautiful city of Burbank" as the TV game show hosts say. Burbank is also the home to the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena-Bob Hope Airport; no kidding!

From time to time, the airport hosts fly-ins of World War II planes and their pilots. There are not too many original pilots around anymore. The WWII veterans that are sure love to tell their stories! This was the third time hearing this gentleman's tales of war, and I don't get tired of listening, nor does Jay.

The interview can be seen at:


Hope said...

This is a wonderful photo and good to see Jay Leno listening so intently and with such sincerity...these men do have stories to tell that we should all sit up and listen to. My husband frequently watches such documentaries on the history or military cable channels. I listen too, sometimes, and I'm always fascinated. Such history and such brave and honorable folks who fought for our freedoms.

JT said...

Hi Hope,

I agree, Jay was intently interested both on and off camera.

Petrea said...

I'd like to hear your story behind this one, JT. How did you happen to be there?

JT said...

Petrea, The name of the group is The My buddies called and said that a half-dozen WWII planes were being shown at the Burbank Airport. We paid our ten bucks and got to walk around and through a few of the planes. Jay Leno filming for his show; we were lucky to see and meet Jay. The interview can be seen on Jays site at: