Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old Town Alley

Pasadena--Weather permitting, I like to ride into Old Town and explore. This time I was on the hunt for Pasadena's alley ways. I think there could be an entire blog on the subject. I know I could fill a few pages of photos but I try (though not always successful) to limit my daily entry to one.

Many of the alleys have a plaque on the entrance of each building providing pedestrians a brief history behind the historic passageway. One advantage to riding a Vespa is that sometimes I can find creative places to park, saving a few quarters.


Hope said...

Dear JT of L.A.,

I have given you & your blog the Kreativ Blogger Award. Stop by my blog on my October 29th post to pick up your award. Enjoy and have fun passing this award on to others!

~ Hope in Knoxville

Hope said...

JT...I bet you have lots of fun on that Vespa exploring all 'round the city! Good times!

Susan C said...

I know this alley. I used to work in the office building next door to it. The building in your photo was originally a church in the early 1900s. An older couple have been working on renovating it for years.