Sunday, May 3, 2009


Corona, CA -- A few years ago, I heard the distinctive sound of a vintage twin-engine plane fly over me. I was near an airport and saw that the silvery 1940s Douglas was about to land, so I rushed to the terminal and arrived just as the two balloon tires chirped on the El Monte Airport runway.

The plane taxied up to the greeting area and the door flipped open. Long story short, I befriended the owner of the plane, later chartering the DC-3 for 20 of my customers as well as logging a couple hours behind the wheel (every pilot loves to brag about flying a DC-3)!

I took the photo above of my friend "Scout." She loves costumes and thought a period photo in front of "Rose" would make a good Christmas card. Indeed it did.


AmyR said...

What a gem, nice piece of luck finding it.

The vintage style photo turned out nicely. I enjoy costumes too, I'm envious. ;) said...

I think you caught a glimpse of one the elusive Nixonettes

bfarr said...

Great 'vintage' looking snap.

Jacob said...

That does look like the "good old days." Great shot.