Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ports O Call

San Pedro, CA -- Tourists look out onto the shipping channel of the LA Harbor. The Port of Los Angeles is the worlds largest working port. Container ships of all sizes line up at the breakwater waiting their turn to pickup and unload their goods.

Overlooking the port is a New England-style village. Ports O Call was developed (I believe) back in the late 60s. Its host to restaurants, boutiques and curio shops along the stone walk, giving tourists a small taste of the East Coast. Surround the village are private yachts, harbor tour boats as well as scuba diving and charter fishing boats. The harbor is also home to many commercial fishing vessels, which are interesting to browse just after they arrive home from sea.


Petrea said...

What a great shot! I love the colors. This is a wonderful catch, with the ladies' shirts, the umbrella and those tables.

AmyR said...

I got to visit the actual port once for dayjob stuff, and wow. I was positively amazed at the organization and the size of the port. There were so many containers; it looked like a giant Lego land.

I didn't know about the village though, it sounds worth checking out!