Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BBQ Along Route 66

Rancho Cucamonga, CA -- While driving down Route 66, something amazingly good was tantalizing my senses. Billowing smoke from behind a pile of wood poured over a red and white building, reminiscent of, well anywhere but LA.

I pulled into the parking lot and was greeted by Warren. Unfortunately, I had already eaten but I brought back a menu and will be sure to come again, this time to eat. Based on their reviews, family-owned, Redhill BBQ is worth the 40-minute drive from downtown LA.

I'll let you all know my thoughts after a meal at Redhill.

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Eamon said...

You're right, looks more like Tennessee than LA. Interesting photo.

B SQUARED said...

It looks like a joint and they always have the best Q.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to try some!!! =0)

bfarr said...

It looks like they came to Alabama and stole that bbq shop. the dumpier it looks, the better the food.

Anonymous said...

Red Hill BBQ has been our fav for can't beat the taste and their true southern hospitality!

Anonymous said...

Being a Texas girl, I have to admit I am curious about the story behind a Bar B Q joint in California.. and excited to try some!

Looking forward to tasting some authentic Bar B Q where they actually use smoke from wood to flavor the meat.