Friday, July 24, 2009

God's Eye View of Los Angeles

Los Angeles -- Passengers sitting near me must think I am a novice flyer. My face is pasted to either the window or the view finder of my camera focused on the ground during most of the flight. My muse extends beyond beautiful landscapes below; moreover, it's identifying familiar roads, buildings, mountain trails and landmarks I visit regularly.

This is shot is of the Palos Verdes peninsula with LA Harbor to the right and the San Gabriel Mountains in the background. Between the Pacific Ocean and beyond the hills is home to over 12 million people.


B SQUARED said...

It looks so much less congested from up there.

Maria said...

12 million people! The country of Austria has only 8 million inhabitants!
LA looks great!

AmyR said...

I like the view from above. I need to remember to get a window seat the next time I visit China. On the return trip, you see the Hollywood sign really clearly from the plane.

Anonymous said...

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