Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumn is Here

Thanks to a recent cold snap, we seem to be getting a small display of Fall. It's almost time to start chopping wood and cleaning out the furnace. Oh, but wait..., this is Southern California and we are not supposed to have a Fall, are we?


Lori Lynn said...

Great colors.
No, no chopping wood or cleaning the furnace around here. Good thing.

Tash said...

That's so pretty! Eyecatching color and really well composed. I like how you isolate your subject and really get the umph in your photos. My recent favorites are JET graffiti...and the Edison family...and the girl with tatoos - love the titles on all of them.

LisaNewton said...

We might not have fall, but your picture tells a different story. As a long time resident of the East Coast, I always think it's a bit amusing at how much everyone says, "It's getting cold."

Until you know what cold really is, LA isn't too cold. :)

I love the colors in your shot. It brings back times of racking the leaves.