Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eaton Canyon Swells

Pasadena, CA -- As the rain continued to pour, the banks of the Eaton Canyon stream widened, bringing much-needed water to our drought-burdened town.

Despite the problems storms can brings to some, I love to get out and experience the rain. One of my favorite destinations during downpours is Eaton Canyon--a quick 5-minute drive from my house. Rain water accumulates from the steep San Gabriel mountains and flow into tributaries, eventually collecting in the canyon. As like today (Saturday), there were a few spectators standing on the banks of the stream, watching the muddy water pass through rocks and shrubs.

In 1938 and again in 1969, this quaint little stream made headlines as water nearly ten-feet high rushed through the canyon, destroying buildings, bridges, homes and trees along the way to the Pacific Ocean. Since then, debris dams and reservoirs were built to help control the torrents of water that come during some of our wet winters.

Got to love this storm!

2 comments: said...

I saw a report on the news about all the rain in L.A. It is refreshing, as long as it does not damage property or endanger people.

altadenahiker said...

It was also very impressive about 5 years ago.