Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Route 66 El Rancho Motel

Barstow, CA -- A classic motel along Route 66 in the California high desert. Barstow is at one end of the National Trails Highway. This scenic byway gives the driver a never-ending show of historic buildings, 1930s era gas stations and cafes. Many of the building walls are abandon and surrounded by a fence but their spirit lives on.


Eleonora said...

Do you have kids? If the answer is yes, then the Pixar film CARS has given the Mother Road a whole new meaning.

My son (4 in Jan.) and I have this dream of driving down the western end of the Route 66, and one day it will happen, I am sure of it.


JT said...

I've seen CARS and loved it! I plan on making more trips alone Rt 66 and photographing it. Not all Rt 66 sections are "romantic." I live within minutes of Route 66 here in Pasadena. There are a few gems here, but the real prize-winners are found in more lonely sections of the West, like the National Trails Highway.

I'll be back with more! Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

These are the kind of places I like to stay at. Notice one car in the parking lot? I take that as a good sign.

Happy New Year 2010 JT

I've enjoyed your blog

Miss Havisham's Tea Party said...

Wah shud ah mosey all the ways down to gad fersakken Barstow win ah kin jus go on ober to the El Rancho rightcheer in la 'Dena?