Monday, March 2, 2009

Balboa Island

Balboa Island -- One of the many advantages of living in Southern California is our weather. A few days ago our mountains received about 2-feet of snow (about a 40-minute drive from home in Pasadena, CA), and today, in less than an hour from home, I went scuba diving in 80-degree (f) sunshine!

Although Orange County is sometimes associated with glitz and excess money, it is also known for it's simple charm and friendly people.

Balboa Island has changed very little since I was first pushed in a stroller down Main Street. Forty seven years later, Dads (above), home of the "Original Balboa Bar" is still there, as is many retirees who have made the Island their home since the 40s.

Ruby (left) and her husband have been on the island since before I was born. She and her husband built their second home behind her in 1972. Ruby said the lot they built on used to be a volleyball court. With lots selling for over $2 million, there are not too many million-dollar volleyball courts to be found anymore.


magicpolaroid said...

thanx for this post! have nice day!

Anonymous said...

This is the life.

Jacob said...

I know what you're saying. In the mid to late 40s, I lived near Pico and Fairfax. I can remember playing in the snow in the San Bernardino mountains during the day and having a cookout on the beach that same night.

Dad's looks like a good place to eat!

I wonder if they're selling any $l million lots these days.

-K- said...

I've always heard of Balboa Island but until now, knew very little (nothing) about it.

Hope said...

Wish I were Dad's.