Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old North Chuch

Sierra Madre, CA -- Built in 1890, the Old North Church still stands proud on a hill with the San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop. I used to attend a large singles Bible study in the 90s (not to be confused with the 1890s...). Although the interior has been modified and is devoid of pews, an organ and elderly church ladies with too much makeup and perfume, it still serves a noble purpose. I drive by the antique house of worship at least three days a week and still marvel at it's charm.


Hilda said...

Yes, it is very charming. I especially like the contrast between the white paint and the blue windows (which look very interesting).

Devoid of pews? It's not used as a church anymore?

JT said...

The church building is being used as a multifunctional space by Sierra Madre Congregational Church across the street. The main sanctuary is an open room with folding chairs.