Monday, March 9, 2009

Farther up The Canyon

Sierra Madre, CA -- I went back to The Canyon today, talking to people, trying to capture the mood of this foothill village on film. The license plate above tells me people here have a sense of pride of their town.

I spoke to a couple (left) who I met last August on a night hike to Echo Mountain. They are affiliated with The Nature Friends here in Sierra Madre and invited me to a poetry reading up the road. Unfortunately, I had other commitments--hopefully next time!

I also chatted with a homeowner while working on the roof of his home. He gave me a bit of history of the area while painting his 1904 clapboard house.

In yesterdays entry, Haven for the Uncommon, I mentioned the interesting and somewhat eclectic homes. Words were not enough to describe so I brought back a few examples. Enjoy.


Keith said...

Been up there many times. A very unique and interesting area.

Hope said...

I love the home on the right with the stone stairway & path leading up to the front. certainly move around a lot! You're all over southern California! Which is wonderful for your "followers."