Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Playhouse

Sierra Madre, CA -- In the Summer 1970, my buddies and I went to see the Disney film, The Boatniks at the local theater. We paid our two bucks (I'm guessing) and choose our seats from a selection of about 50 velour fold-down chairs with bubble gum stuck to the bottom. Those were the days when our mom's would set us kids free all day to play. Of course we didn't have cell phones, only walkie-talkies that had a range to Ronnie's house--maybe Brad's at best.

After a full day of roaming the city sidewalks, toy stores and dirt lots, we wandered back home in time for Mom's Hamburger Helper, Craft Macaroni and Cheese and a tall glass of whole milk. Of course the conversation centered around the movie we watched at the Sierra Madre Theater.

The theater house became The Sierra Made Playhouse nine years later, featuring fantastic productions from the local talent pool.

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