Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seeing Red

Duarte, CA -- A major car accident occurred last Friday resulting in two deaths and a few minor injuries. It happened at 5:47am Friday morning, and by 3:00PM, that same day, the freeway was still mostly closed. The 210 is a major artery through the San Gabriel Valley, and when it closes, all the side streets become jammed.

I was on my way up to the lake and got stuck in a two-hour traffic jam. I was feeling very impatient! But then I thought about the families and friends who are missing as a result of the tragedy and soon I wasn't "seeing red" as I was before.

I took a few photos during my two-hour, 2-mph average drive and took this photo at an intersection.


Keith said...

I was stuck in that traffic also. Very tragic. Great catch with the photo.

Anonymous said...

I've been caught in the same kind of mess myself. Once I think it was in Monrovia. It was due to a high speed chase that resulted in some poor woman's death.