Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Year Anniversary of DailyPhotoLA!

Los Angeles, CA -- Today marks the one year anniversary of Although the first posts show a couple earlier dates, it was one year today that I decided to take on the challenge of posting my photos daily--almost.

To be honest, this has not been an easy task (thank God for banking posts....), but well-worth the effort. I feel like I've met a whole new world-wide group of friends.

My failure, however, has been not sharing comments on your blogs.

So many of you have generously posted comments on my site, and I really appreciate that! If I could, I would. My job requires a lot of travel each day, leaving a limited time to sit down and enjoy everyone's blogs. It's one of my favorite down-time activities!

So, I think I'll go another round, another 365 days, another year of adventure and discovery in this great city and county of Los Angeles, California.

Thanks again, Everyone!


Petrea said...

Congratulations! And Wow, what a picture to celebrate with!

We all know how tough it is to get around and comment. Some days I can do it, then a whole week goes by when I just can't. You keep traveling, shooting and posting. You're showing me places I want to go.

magicpolaroid said...

happy anniversary! and congats. for ur great work!

Anonymous said...


I like it when you post around Lake Los Angeles. Now with the mountains burned out I may get over that way and hike the Buttes (when it gets cooler)

ben wideman said...

Congrats on your milestone - and Petrea is right - this is a fantastic photo to celebrate with!

Cafe Observer said...

Ditto the above!
Blogging isn't an ez sport.

What year is the citihall photo?

JT said...

Thanks everyone! I took this photo in February 2009.

Lori Lynn said...

Congratulations on your anniversary JT. Best wishes for a successful 2nd year.
P.S. Great choice for your anniversary photo.

JM said...

Congratulations! And I agree with all, what a fantastic shot to celebrate with!

Laurie said...

Well done, JT!! You are an inspiration. Love the photos and the commentary. Keep up the fantastic work!!