Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunrise on the Lake

Lake Arrowhead -- It's easy to be a "morning person" when you have this to look forward to. Total count: 26 smallmouth bass between my buddy and I. All were released to be caught another day.


Paulo Camacho said...

There are photos that the better is see them in silence and with just one word: beautifull.
I will follow your blog, because I like the photos and the spirit of it.
If you have time you can visit my photo blog
I hope you enjoy it.
Paulo Camacho

Petrea said...

Luscious. And I don't mean the fish.

AB said...

Not how I imagine LA!

Anonymous said...
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JT said...

AB, Lake Arrowhead is actually in San Bernardino County--90 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The lake was built in 1920 to be a playground for movie stars and business moguls. Many Hollywood stars have homes here. This photo is only a hundred yards from Brian Wilson's house, one of the Beach Boys. In many ways, Lake Arrowhead is very LA.