Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Graffiti Lite

Pasadena -- I don't understand most graffiti, especially when someone's name is carved onto a toilet seat at McDonald's. What's up with that? Is the porcelain tagger now the "ruler" of fast food privies? And then we have to sit on his work?

Hey, I'll take the scribble--like the one pictured above--over defacing entire walls, trains and store fronts. For some reason, this tag is less offensive than most. I was drawn to it--hence the the photo.

Good job, Jet.


pasadenapio said...

Our Graffiti Hotline number is ( 626) 744-7622.

JT said...

That's a good number to keep handy. Every once in a while, during my urban travels, I see kids tagging walls. I now know what to do.

Petrea said...

I don't ordinarily post photographs of graffiti--don't want to encourage the taggers. But I like your shot.

Petrea said...

Oh--I think if you call the graffiti hotline you'll get a recording to leave location information so they can come out and paint over it. If you see taggers in action, I'd call the cops. Maybe the non-emergency line.