Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Water Flows Not So Free

Los Angeles is in the middle of another water shortage. We Angelinos are asked to only water our lawns twice a week, sweep our driveways instead of using the hose and avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Yeah, right!

LA doesn't have too many natural streams like in the old days. There are a few near natural streams like the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena. Most of our water resources come from our mountains both near and far. Anyone read Cadillac Desert? Despite the lack of water, there are some secret spots here in LA that still flow with cool, sparkling water--even in the dog days of summer. Of course it's harnessed and directed by man, but it's still water.


Petrea said...

What a great photo.

Are you aware of LA Creek Freak? A great blog about this very subject.

JT said...

Petrea, Thanks for the heads up on lacreekfreak. Great find!

Petrea said...

Yeah, those people got it goin' on.