Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now and Then

After reading an LA Times article about the possibility of Richard and Karen Carpenter's house being torn down, I had to pay a last visit. The house is near the oldest standing McDonald's in Downey, California (see yesterday's entry below).

For those who are not familiar, The Carpenter's were a 1970s sibling duo whose melodic songs pushed the Top 40 for a decade. I grew up listening to, and falling in love with Karen Carpenter. As a nine year-old, I used to dream of someday meeting her. The closest I ever got was in the mid 1970s from the 23rd row at the "Fabulous Forum" in LA. The Carpenter's house was made famous in their 1973 album, Now and Then (Inset on the photo).

As I drove up to the modest home, others were sadly driving by the tired and overgrown house. That was last winter. I paid another visit to learn the house is still there.


San Diego Farmgirl said...

My parents walked down the aisle to "We've only just begun." I was the kid from the previous relationship, so I was there - still makes me tear up to hear that song! They're still happily married after 33 years. :)

Tash said...

"I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation and the only explanation I can find..."

Glad you took the photo - it's one for pop history. Franklin HS '76 graduation - "We've only just begun."

Anonymous said...

My photo request, go find the apartments. They're named after Carpenter songs. The apartments were California Polynesian style if I recall. Karen C was o.k. but Richard gives me the creeps. All those v-neck sweaters.

JT said...

Looks like i have a photo assignment. Next time I'm in Downey I'll see if I can find the apartments.

JT said...

SD Farmgirl: I love the fact your folk's have been married for 33 years. My parents will be celebrating their 50th in a couple years; they got married right out of high school.

Hope said...

50 years or marriage is such a wonderful accomplishment in these days & times! Something to definitely be celebrated. My parents will soon celebrate 47 years of marriage!

Thanks for the photo of the Carpenter's home. This was a very interesting post.

I would also love to see the Polynesian style apartments named after the Carpenter songs. Please, please!