Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Posing Against Steel

Downtown Los Angeles -- Despite the clouds and threat of rain, the two boys on the left spent more than 15 minutes posing for pictures against the reflective wall of the Disney Concert Hall (see my banner, top right photo). You have seen--and will see--more from my hour here. Look for the wall.

A photographer could spend hours at this fertile location. It’s twisted, steely walls and waves of light capture the attention of artists and casual observers alike. During hot sunny days, sunbeams reflect off the sides blinding motorists and reportedly causing neighboring buildings to experience higher energy bills. Oh well.


Tanya said...

Cool shot!

Petrea said...

Wow. I wonder if it could have been a fashion shoot? Probably not, with no reflector boards. Often I see one-camera fashion shoots around town, but usually they have at least a reflector.

Julie said...

I like this photo, JT. And the others that you have posted using a similar street method. This one shows good twisting movement from the lads and the boy on the phone is just so modern!

Thank you for your visit to my Sydney Eye earlier. I apologise for the text being cut off along the RHS. I encase each section of my post in a table to give me more control. Duh! However, this time I gave the text table a width of 500 instead of 400. My apologies. And, yes, the story did have a tragic end. I have adjusted the text to make it more apparent.