Friday, December 5, 2008

Desert Signs

What's behind a private road? Aren't you a little curious? I am.

When I was a kid, I deliberately crossed the line just to see what all the fuss was about. If Peter Rabbet can trespass Mr. McGregor's garden, why the heck can't I see what's on the other side of the "Do Not Enter" sign?

I wimped out and remained on my side of the sign. Instead I took a few photos while being watched by a maintenance worker.

I was working in Palm Springs yesterday (about 100 miles east of Los Angeles) and on my way home I made a quick detour on one of the service roads to explore. Just as we've seen in Hollywood films, those huge wind mills and lonesome highways really do exist. Although, lonesome can be subjective, most of the roads are fairly driven on, except for this one today.

There is something about driving in the California deserts; everything looks cool, even the road signs.

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San Diego Farmgirl said...

Amen! There's something magical about Palm Springs, especially. Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Brothers sound especially good when driving thru Joshua Tree; and, of course, so does U2's The Joshua Tree.