Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Downtown Los Angeles, CA -- When my buddy, Dean and his family visit from Sacramento each year, we always patronize The Pantry in the heart of Downtown LA. I have featured the venerable restaurant a few times before, but somehow this LA icon always makes it back on my blog.

They claim to have never closed (even at night) since 1924 and are never without a customer. The Pantry serves more than 20,000 cups of coffee each week.


Luis Gomez said...

I am sure that if I were living around it I could probably count myself in many of those coffees cups.

Petrea said...

I've never been there. Is it usually packed? I assume it's always crowded, but I wouldn't know.

Tash said...

OMG I haven't been there in years but am always rushing to somewhere when I drive by. One of these days!
We used to go there in High School - thought we were very cool drinking black coffee. Are the waiters still older gentlemen with white aprons?

Anonymous said...

There used to be a breakfast place that was quite large down near the produce markets of downtown Los Angeles. It was a favorite among 80's loft artist to grab breakfast and the paper. Do you remember the name? like the pantry it had been around for decades.

This one is stumping me.

starts with a w?

KenRhino said...

Actually, the place was closed for a few hours by the health department! Imagine that, the mayor's own restaurant closed by the health department. Great place to go, though. The waitors look like they could be found at the horse races when they aren't working.

Anonymous said...

I found it via a friend now living in Chicago. The question still remains ... did you ever go here?

Online description

Vickman's Restaurant

1228 E. 8th St., Los Angeles, California (est. 1919). Known for the odd hours it was open (3AM to 12 noon). The hours had to do with the clientele which included workmen from the Produce Market next door. It had a great bakery inside and was known for the fresh strawberry pie.

JT said...

Vickman's Restaurant: No, I've never been there. There are still a few old gems still in business. The older the better.